Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Alterac Valley FTW

I suck at PvP. Even when I ran a sl/sl lock with a shadow priest partner back in S1 I sucked. I'm not any good in WSG even with my druid. My hunter always gets meleed in AB since I'm terrible at keeping players at range.

But I can rock the charts in AV.
How did I destroy the damage meters you might ask? Especially since I just explained how much I suck at PvP. My secret, I'm a tank and AV needs tanks. All I need is a couple pocket healers and some DPS and I'll make sure Belinda and Vandar bite the big one and my axe is big.
The PvPers are happy because they get to kill each other keeping them off of me and don't have to waste their time fighting NPCs in a battleground.

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