Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Anecdotal Evidence DK's Aren't the Answer

There's still a lot of QQ about tank shortages. DK's were supposed to change that with our ability to tank and dps in any spec, right? So long as a DK is around you don't need a Warrior, Pally, or Druid.

In my grand sample of two Death Knights I know including myself, one was a tankadin and I was a bear. Net tank gain = 0.

Not only that, we are both working hard to find the magic 689 defense rating needed to be uncritable so we actually can tank. It's not like my bear where I could put 3 talent points in survival of the fittest post 3.02 and be good to go. I'm so glad I dropped all that coin on my Guardians Alchemist Stone. Damn it would be nice if that was bind to account, +57 defense rating sounds sweet right now.

So I've posted a second poll to see what role your former main was that you gave up to become a DK. My guess is most, DK tanks were tanks before. DPS may be a bit more varied. Just as it takes a special type of player to be a healer, I think it takes a special type to tank.

After all, who wants all that responsibility in a game.


  1. They need some work DK tanks do.

    I can see then get better but just now they need help as they take way too much burst damage.

  2. I beleive most of the work we need is in out gear. As we level and jsut hit 80 our gear doesn't provide the mitigation that Warriors, Pallys, and Druids have in their left over BC Tier gear. Ideally, we should be using Icebound Fort to counteract natural damage spikes such as enrages. Bone shield, Lichborne, and Unbreakable armor were also designed to be temporary damage mitigators.

    Lastly, when I compare my parry and dogde of 32% combine to my druids 44% at level 70 I know my gear still has work to do.

    I've seen reports of DK's maintanking all the bosses in Naxx25 so I know it is possible. We just need time to get our gear into shape and enchanted and gemmed properly and we will be fine.