Monday, December 15, 2008

Benefits of a DPS set

Earlier I suggested that all Death Knight tanks should have a DPS gear set. I've been taking my own advice and I'm pleased to say it is worth it. 400 more dps just by changing some gear out with the dps rep rewards and drops from the heroics I've been running lately.

This was taken from a CoT regular run, but the last time I was in there a week ago my DPS was upper 1,400's. This kind of increase also makes me welcome in more heroic pugs as DPS when they already have a tank in place. More flexibility = more runs.

Now about heroic DPS, you need to stack hit. Mine is still too low and you can see the results in all the glancing blows I had with my melee.

12.3% glancing is a problem. The difference on this Heroic Utgarde Keep run only total's 9,000 damage, but trust me when I say that will add up over the course of a night in Naxx. The glancing and miss will be much worse as the mobs there are 83 instead of 81 elites.

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  1. Very good post. I am struggling with gear on my DK because my DPS is too low. I've heard the arguments about gear versus abilities and while gear isn't everything, it is a lot. So it's back to rep grinding for me... time will tell..