Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Ghostcrawler Speaks out

Here's the link.

Here is my take on his points.

1) We take spike damage when our cooldowns have been used. Fully agree, but as an Unholy tank we can work around it. We can glyph boneshield and stack parry & dodge to ensure it stays up and provides its 40% mitigation for nearly a minute. In fact, if we can keep it up for 48 seconds we can use Icebound fort to cover the remaining 12 seconds until boneshields cooldown is up and cycle the two abilities. It just requires gear and skill. But if GC wants to give me better overall mitigation and leave the abilities for Oh Shit moments I wouldn't object.

2) Scale IB with Defense so its more valuable in PVE as an Oh Shit button. Hell yes. One of the issues I had with my bear was the on use of Badge of Tenacity and Moroes Lucky Pocket Watches were about the only buttons I could hit when my healers were silenced.

3) I'd love to see Blood be more viable as a tank spec. DPS wise, I had a lot of fun when rune strike and sudden doom procced at the same time. Blood is a lot of fun and I'd give main tanking a go with it when it gets a version of lichborne or boneshield.

4) The only reason rune strike is a rogue killer is because rogues stack two fast weapons to tear casters apart which just doesn't work on plate. I'm not sure I like the idea of lowering its damage and increasing its threat to deal with a PvP issue. Perhaps an internal cooldown that is shorter than a boss swing timer might keep it from proccing as frequently against rogues in PvP. I'll have to give this some more thought.

5) Not only do I drop death and decay before a fight, I also hit either rune tap or bone shield before a fight to get my 20 rp. Of course I need to go out and glyph my horn of winter still. I love this change.

6) I'll miss these benefits. I love saving my self by zoning or at least saving money by exploding myself. That said, I would call this a fix and not a nerf. :(

7) Did I mention I named my Ghoul stupid for exactly these reasons.

8) You mean I can save my 5 min cooldown to rez my Ghoul and still rez my friend for some extra damage in a bad fight. Yes please.

All in all, I like the proposed changes but have a little reservations about lowering the damage on rune strike.


  1. re: 3) I thought Blood was supposed to be a DPS spec not another tanking spec?

    re: 4) comparing Rune Strike with any similar ability (say Overpower or Revenge from warriors) has Rune Strike doing a lot more damage. Seems like a straight forward target for a nerf to me.

  2. The trick, bob, is that Rune Strike is an "on next attack" ability.

    All you're really getting is the 100% weapon damage + X (700ish for me).

    Oh, and dodge immunity, which is how it really became a rogue killer, as their usual "let's all laugh at the melee/caster/healer" ability isn't effective (in this case, evasion).

    Frankly, rogues having a class they don't want to get into a tangle with is only a good thing. Every other class has someone they just don't want to see riding towards them in AB (very often rogues).