Thursday, December 4, 2008

DK vs Bear AOE Smackdown!

Back in the day, BC pre 3.02, Bear AOE was a pain in the ass. Step 1, make sure all the mobs you want to hit are no where near the CC. Remember CC. Seems so long ago. Step 2, mangle the main target. Step 3, apply the AOE lovefest. You did this by using swipe and a mouseover macro for lacerate. I'd typically begin the pull with barkskin and hurricane as well to keep the mobs from running to the healer. Pain yes, but really pretty straight forward once you got the hang of it.

Bear AOE after 3.02. Lol. Get the mobs in front of you, spam a beserked mangle and swipe. Game over.

DK AOE tanking is another story. Done right, it will stand up to heal threat and ranged AOE threat. Melee focus fire on secondary targets not so much. Then again, if DPS is going after a secondary AOE target they deserve whats coming to them.

So how do you do it. I picked the biggest nastiest mob to be skull and my focus target. Then I pull him and all his friends into a nice pool of Death and Decay. Next I hit my new friend with Icy Touch and Plague Strike to get my diseases up. By this time I have burned 1 blood rune, both frost runes, and both unholy runes. Pestilence makes it all good. Now I've got my diseases ticking away on everyone. They all hate me. Runestrike is proccing like crazy with all the mobs beating on me. Just remember to save enough runic power at the outset to treat the party with and Unholy Blight, assuming you can. Throw a few scourge strikes in on the main nasty and keep your diseases up and Blood Boil them in the second rotation and they all drop at your feet.


Gotta say, Bear AOE is sweet and deadly. But I'm loving the challenge DKs bring to the table to play well.

Now get out there and put an axe in somethings face.


  1. how does tanking as unholy work out? Dont you miss the lovley 5k crits from HB?

  2. I find unholy AOE tanking to be very effective. While you don't have huge HB crits, the power of your Death and Decay, Unholy Blight, and your diseases tick a lot harder with impurity to pump them up.

    AOE threat is even and effective as Unholy

  3. I see. I did some offtanking in naxx with unholy dps spec and some tankinggear, and it was indeed very effective. After i read this post i decided to try out some aoe tanking using unholy after the new patch hits. So i played around with the ptr calculator on wowhead, but i couldnt seem to be able to pick up UB while still getting blade barrier and the 5/5/5 tanking basics, as well as the really important talents from frost. Any ideas?


    memo to self: L2Search