Wednesday, December 31, 2008

DPS can be fun too

After scoring my T7.5 DPS chest off of Archavon it was time to play DPS and test it out. The guild wanted Gun Drak so we went and had some fun. It was also a chance to DPS after I revised my talents.

The best test came on Eck the Ferocious, it was pure single target. Valgard had vigilance on me so I went all out. Squeezed in my Orc racial twice, kept the Ghoul alive the whole time, and got a full minute out of my gargoyle.

I can live with 2770 :) I can't wait until dual specs become available. There are several reports out there of 5k+ dps using a 0/32/39 duel wield spec. That will also allow me to focus my tank spec a little tighter to provide even more mitigation.

I'm still 85 hit shy of the cap in my dps gear since I am sharing quite a few peices with my tank set still. Remember get def capped first, then focus on DPS and you will find plenty of parties to go to.

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