Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Dumb Mistakes

I hate when I make a dumb mistake and I made a big one this morning.

I feel like an idiot and I actually submitted a ticket.

Yup, yours truly looted an item I shouldn't have.

In my defense, I was on the phone, chasing my son, and tanking heroic Violet Hold.

All I saw was 73 hit rating on a trinket.

Mark of the War Prisoner

I didn't see 346 spell power on use. I needed since I am in desperate need of hit.


The only redeeming quality is that the only caster in the run was the healer and he doesn't need the hit.

That said I still contacted a GM to get it moved to him.

UPDATED 8:26PM: Spoke with a GM and they have escalated my ticket and says it should be transfered within a few days. The healer in question is surprised I am making the effort, but I may play a nasty toon, but I have integrety as a player. An amusing aside, after the reset this morning I went back with a guild run and got the same two bosses again, I hate the elemental, and at the end the mark dropped again. This time I let my Elemental Shammy have it.

Updated 1-4-09: The GM's finally moved the trinket to the healer who was quite pleased. Nice to know when I do f up, it can be fixed. Lesson learned, look at an item fully before rolling on it.


  1. The entire point of consolidating stats, like hit, is for this purpose. That trinket as well as ones with just hit and +ap clicks are good for ANYONE who needs hit rating! They're dropped from 80 5man Heroics to get you the stats you need so you can go raid. That trinket is perfectly good and acceptable for a DK, Rogue, Hunter or Druid to roll on.

  2. There's some truth to that, but the on use giving so much SP which is wasted on a DK, I should have never rolled on it in the presence of casters.

  3. "The GM's finally moved the trinket to the healer who was quite pleased. "

    Healers don't use hit. >=|

    It is worth more for you as a DK than the healer.

  4. No healers dont use hit, but offspecs do. Besides it was actually only about 5 minutes of effort to submit the ticket and have it escalated.

    I like phat lewtz but this is just a game.