Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Ghostcrawler Speaks Again.

Here is the link on to the full text.

Runestrike, Icebound Fort, and Boneshield all took a hit from the Nerf Bat. Honestly, can't say I'm surprised. But all the changes actually make me a Happy DK. We are allowed to be happy as we kill everything in sight, right?

But keep in mind when considering the IBF nerf. It is set to scale with your defense so a DK at the defense cap is still getting the vast majority of the mitigation we are used to seeing.

Our mitigation should hopefully balance with the buff to Frost Presence. It is getting even more armor which should add another 2500 to 3000 armor beyond what you are getting now. It also gets an extra 10% magic damage reduction. Gotta love that.

Our AOE tanking abilities just got better, especially for Unholy. No more cooldown on Pestilence means you can spread your diseases that much faster when adds come running in. That means you can be even more effective in keeping them off your healers. Unholy Blight has its RP reduced by a third. You can now get UB up in your first rotation.

When this makes it through the PTR and hits live, the first thing you need to do is review your sigils and glyphs. They are both getting an overhaul. As soon as I learn some details, I'll pass it on with my thoughts. Now where's my penny?

No more death and decay before the pull. Horn of winter no longer costs RP, but generates it. That's right blow your horn for free RP and DK goodness. You're friends will love you for it.

Having trouble hitting the defense cap to tank heroics and Naxx? We get a new rune that gives a massive 25 defense skill. That's right I said skill not rating. Holy shit. It also gives 2% stamina. This is a fantastic bridge as you gear up. However, once you have the gear for the defense cap, you will still be better with the rune of swordshattering for its 4% parry.

There are also a host of other changes to strikes that warrant further review when I have some more time. All told, I think our tanking just got better and I'm not overly concerned with the nerfs that are coming with all the buffs.

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