Monday, December 8, 2008

Ghouls vs Gargoyle

There is still a lot of debate, which is better. Stupid or the Gargoyle.

Let's start with some assumptions and do some math. I promise it won't be that hard, but then again I may be biased since I do math for a living.

Most reports seem to agree that Gargyoles do 550 dps for the minute they are up and have a 3 minute cooldown. On a five minute fight you could call him twice. Let's further assume you have enough RP to keep him up the entire minute both times. That gives 550*120 = 66,000 total damage.

Now lets make the big assumption, the boss fight is not AOE intensive and your Ghoul will stay up the entire time. Most the smart folks agree that ghouls contribute 200dps. Therefore ghouls will pump out 5*60*200 = 60,000 total damage.

Gargoyle 66 > Ghoul 60 game over get the garg.

Not that easy.

All the runic power that generated and ran the Gargoyle can be used for other fun stuff if you have a ghoul. When tanking, I can use the RP for Unholy Blight and Runestrike. I have a 3.5 second weapon swing and I convert 30% to rune strikes. My RS hits for 2542 on average while a weapon swing hits for 933. This means each rune strike adds 1609 damage. 5 minutes * 60 seconds divided by 3.5 per swing means I will get 85.7 swings in. 25 will be rune strikes which will add another 40,225 damage to my totals.

Plus, I will also have the RP to run unholy blight. I currently don't have numbers for how much it ticks against a single mob, but it ticked for 137 damage on my gun'drak run. To be conservative, I'll say I get 1/4 of that on bosses or 34.25 dps. Over the course of 5 minutes that gives me another 10,275 damage.

Therefore with a ghoul out I can do a total of 60,000 + 40,225 + 10,275 for a total of 110,500 damage between my Ghoul and rune strike and unholy blight.

Now to be fair, the Gargolye is only consuming RP for 2 minutes out of 5. But you do have to build a cushion prior to summoning it. So lets add 2 minutes worth of UB and RS to its damage. That gives me an additional 4,110 damage from UB and another 16,550 from rune strikes. Now its total jumps up to 86,660 damage.

Therefore Ghoul > Garg.

Dam this is turning into a long post. It's still not that easy.

The difference between the two is 23,840. If you divide that by Ghoul DPS that means you have 120 seconds of using the ghoul you can spare for its damage to be greater. If your ghoul dies in less than 3 minutes on the fight you would have done more damage with the gargoyle.

A couple more things to consider from a tanking perspective. The extra damage you get from UB and RS when you spec Ghoul contributes to your threat. Not only that, you have an emergency heal with Death Pact, assuming it isn't already dead.

From a DPS perspective, you shouldn't be getting all the rune strikes so it comes down to losing a minute of UB, not that big a deal, and a minutes worth of Death Coils to use the Gargoyle. If you're all about burning down the boss take the Gargoyle. If you want to look good on the entire run, take the Ghoul. Then again, if you are DPS there are a lot of points in my tank spec that can be freed up to get both.

So there it is, for an Unholy tanking/dps build the Ghoul is preferred to the Gargoyle.

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