Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Happy with my spec, I think.....

One of the aspects of Death Knights I like is we can DPS and tank with the same spec. Of course some specs will be better at dps while others are better for tanking. I’m going with an Unholy build that should be good for both through 10man Naxx.

Unholy Tank/DPS

It has all the early tier mitigation goodies and a lot of the sweet unholy DPS choices. I took the perm ghoul over the gargoyle because so far Unholy Blight and Rune Strikes eats all my runic power and, expect for my ghoul is stupid and stands in stuff that kills him, the ghoul is out and able to add dps a lot more than the gargoyle.

Here’s my dilemma. I want to put 3 points in Subversion because I run with a Prot Warrior frequently in 5-mans and will co-tank Naxx10 with him. Needless to say the 25% reduction in threat on single tank encounters will be nice, but the only place I can squeeze points from is Dark Conviction. It won’t be an entire DPS loss of 3% crit since I will pick up 9% crit on Blood strike which I use to proc blade barrier. But BB helps proc Rune Strike which is a bread and butter DPS strike.

I’ll be running some instances tomorrow with my Prot friend without Subversion. I’ll stay in blood presence and see if I have aggro problems. If I do, I’ll respec once again and hope recount doesn’t punish me too much.

Right now at level 79 with meh gear, I am doing between 950 and 1,100 dps while soloing quests depending on mobs and whether I can grab a few at a time. In groups it tends to be a bit higher since I have time to get through my entire rotation on the elite mobs. If my threat is too much, I'll learn real fast how much 3% crit means to my dps.

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