Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I call him Stupid

I don't care what name my Ghoul has, I call him stupid.

Here we see Dirtflayer, erm Stupid, and I flying through the air as I carefully tiptoed through the mine field while it traisped along beside me.

Any fight that has AOE, he dies. Any fight that Raid Rule 1B applies (Don't stand in the crap that kills you) he dies. Any time he needs to jump across the gaps in Nexus he dies.

Granted I only took my hunter through Kara once, but I don't recall my cat getting killed this often. When I used to play my lock and PvP back in Season 1 my Felhunter did OK. And while questing my Imp had the curtesy to phase out.

Nope Stupid likes to get himself and me killed. Dense Mobs with a large aggro radius are his favorite. I used to keep Stupid on a defensive leash. Now I have him on a passive choke chain.

Perhaps I should change his name to Forrest, nah he doesn't run worth a damn.

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