Thursday, December 11, 2008

I'm a Tank, why should I roll on DPS gear

So I'm still stuck in the great white north without Wow. So I'm limited to topics that I can write about without pictures, or in game research.

So far 78% of y'all have said in my poll you want to tank. Why the hell would I go out and tell you to get a DPS set of gear. Quite simply, you will spend a lot of time as melee DPS.

Like Feral Druids we can switch very easily between providing DPS and tanking. In fact we are supposed to be the DPS tanks. Even when tanking we do some nice damage and can compete with the best of them.

Why will you be DPS when you're a tank. One, when soloing, you want to kill mobs as fast as possible and good DPS gear that doesn't have itemization points spent on Stam or Defense will get the job done all the quicker. Two, while building out your defense set you can run heroics as DPS. Three, even in Naxx, it makes more sense from a raid optimization standpoint to have us OT and provide DPS if we are sharing tanking with a Warrior or Pally. Why because we can do twice the damage they can.

Just because we can be every bit as effective as a tank as any other class doesn't mean we should always be the main tank, we can do a lot more DPS than other tanks so plan on standing behind the bosses a lot of the time.

So what makes good DPS gear versus Tank gear. We all know for tanks we need defense, stamina, strength, parry, dodge, and to some degree hit and expertise. For DPS gear focus on hit, strength, and expertise. When you stand behind the mobs and they are not attacking you, you don't need dodge or parry. Consequently, as DPS you won't be using rune strike either.

So the trick is to get big bags and carry two sets of gear. One set for tanking and one for spanking. As a Bear I liked the outfitter addon(closet gnome and itemrack do the same thing). This allows me to establish gear sets for the role at hand and could incorporate gear changes into a macro. So as a DK, if you switch from blood/unholy presence to frost presence it will automatically equip your tank set. Of course if you are in combat only your weapons will change until you exit combat. The same holds for going from frost to blood. This saves you valuable time between pulls and ensures you have the best gear on for the job at hand.

I'll say it now, and I'll say it later. Because we have such a dps advantage over other tanks, we will OT and we will DPS even when we want to be the first person on the bosses shit list.

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  1. Yep, used to the same thing. Carried big bags, used outfitter to swap gear on the fly with my druid (except had 3 sets). So, starting with bigger bags and only really needing 2 sets of gear is a little easier for me to manage than I'm used to. Working without much mods after clean reinstall though; this post kinda gives me a good reminder to fix that.