Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Is Dodge the Answer?

Andrew hit on a possible alternative I was kicking around while getting ready for work this morning. Why not make Rune Strike dodgeable by players.

Here's my full thought process. Rune strike is a problem in PvP, gimping its damage output has a negative impact in PVE. As stated here rune strike accounts for 16% of my damage while occurring on 23% of my weapon swings. Gimp Rune strike on a boss fight and that lowers my damage output, which in turns lowers raid damage, extends the encounter, and puts further stress on the healers. Yes you can overcome the lower threat by applying a threat modifier, but didn't Blizzard say they wanted to move away from low damage attacks with high threat in Wrath?

PvP, rune strike procs frequently against rogues and cat druids with their fast attack speeds. We can lower the average damage taken by rogues and cats by allowing them to dodge the attack. They both have high dodge rates. I'd probably put the dodge against rune strikes on a diminishing return so they can't get out of it altogether. Now we've solved the rogue killer problem by allowing players to dodge rune strikes without impacting PVE.

Another thing to consider, rogues are caster killers, with their low damage fast attack weapons. Rogues traditionally shouldn't be going toe to toe with a plate wearer. If a rogue or cat doesn't want to grind themselves to death on our rune strikes they have plenty of options of getting out of combat or gaining range to avoid the damage.

This all boils down to don't nerf PVE for PvP reasons.

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