Sunday, December 7, 2008

Lucky Bastard and some Runestrike Love

I'm a lucky bastard yes I am. I had some time to squeeze in a Gun'Drak run trying to improve my defense and become uncritable. The run went smooth as butter except for two problems.

On the second boss I disconnected as soon as I started the fight. I managed to log in and find one dps still up and my healer. I grabbed aggro back and we proceeded to burn him the rest of the way down. Woops.

The other problem came on Gal'darah. None of us knew he had a whirlwind, and wowwiki didn't tell us. Prior to the fight our healer asked us to close in tight so she could AOE heal through the charges. Well first whirlwind comes and we loose 2 dps and our heals. Thanks to IBF, Bone Shield, and shadow of death, we still got him to 18% before we wiped. Needless to say, Gal'darah does a whirlwind. Stay out of it.
The good news is, he dropped my tanking ring. This is the second dungeon I've received the drop I needed for my defense gear on the first try. Guess the RNG is making up for a year of no Moroes Pocket Watch or T4 helm for my Bear.

My total defense is improving and I've actually deviated a little from my easy to get gear since I take upgrades as I find them. Right now I stand at 525 and I still only have 399 natural skill. What does it take to get that last point?! As you can see my avoidance is starting to look nice as well and I clear 45% when blade barrier is up without any buffs other than horn of winter. When I'm in frost stance I'm also pushing 21,800 armor.

Last thing I want to talk about from my Gun'Drak run is runestrike. I did a total of 365 weapon swings over the entire run. 107 were converted to rune strike for 30% of my swings. This pushed RS to the top of my damage output. This was a heavy AOE tanking event and you can see death and decay along with unholy blight did a good chunk of my output. Pestilence itself didn't show up very high but it pushed a lot of disease damage out.

I continue to be impressed by the DK's tanking ability, both to withstand punishment and to dish out the threat and the damage. One of the things I like best, is when I have DnD and Unholy up, loose patrols just increase my DPS.

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