Thursday, December 18, 2008

Maintaining Defense Cap is Harder than you Thought.

One of my more popular posts was getting uncritable is easier than you think. I believe it and I stand by it. Staying that way can be tough.

While running Heroic Drak’Theron I scored the Key Stone Great Ring. MMMM that’s some yummy tanking goodness. Armor, strength, Stamina, and some sweet dodge. The only problem is I am relying on both my current rings to maintain my defense. So for now it is in my DPS set since the strength on it is so good. Now its time to play the Defense Game. I remember this game on my Bear so I think I should be pretty good at it.

Blizzard loves giving you blue craftable primary slot items with defense galore on them. Then taking the defense off of all the upgrades. So in order to stay capped you start changing around gems, enchants, rings, trinkets, necks, and any other black art to keep your butt from going through the windshield at 90mph.

Once patch 3.08 drops we have a couple options to ensure we are defense capped. I’m not super thrilled with either of them at the moment, but when it comes down to it, capped defense is a must.

The first is the new rune for your 2hander. This puppy is scheduled to give a whopping 25 defense, that’s not rating, that’s the real deal. This is my preferred of the two options but I truly don’t want to lose 4% parry.

The second is the new sigil I spoke about here. 53 defense rating sounds nice, but I’m still concerned it might not be procced when you need it most. I know a lot of proc effects won’t refresh and I haven’t heard whether this one will. I’ll give up 4% parry before I rely on this right now.

Ideally, you will be able to stay capped without resorting to those and gems and enchants will be your primary means of doing so.

For gems you should focus on the following including your belt buckle, you did get a belt buckle didn’t you?:

Thick Autumns Glow – Yellow, 16 defense
Deadly Monarch Topaz – Orange, 8 defense 8 strength
Stalwart Monarch Topaz – Orange, 8 defense 8 dodge
Resolute Monarch Topaz – Orange, 8 defense 8 expertise
Glimmering Monarch Topaz - Orange, 8 defense 8 parry
Thick Dragons Eye – Prismatic, 27 defense Jewlcrafters only
Eternal Earthsiege Diamond – Meta, 21 defense and wasted 5% block

There are a few others with defense but you will be better off with these gems.

Now lets take a look at the enchants that can help us out.

Head – Arcanum of the Stalwart Protector, 20 defense 37 stamina – Argent Crusade Revered

Shoulders – Greater/Lesser Inscription of the Pinnacle – Sons of Hodir Exalted/Honored, 15 defense 20 dodge / 10 defense 15 dodge

Shoulders – Masters Inscription of the Pinnacle – Inscription 400, 15 defense 52 dodge

Back – Enchant Cloak Titanweave , 16 defense

Chest – Enchant Chest Greater Defense, 22 defense

Wrist – Enchant Bracer Major Defense, 12 defense

Hands – Vindicators Armor Kit, 8 defense

Legs – you better not replace your Jormungar or Frosthide leg armor

Feet – Vindicators Armor Kit, 8 defense

Now remember, I’m not saying go out and get every single one of these enchants and slot all your gems with these. Just use the minimum number of these to maintain your uncritable status and keep the rest focused on other useful stats.

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  1. Well need to use a lot of stamina too...