Sunday, December 21, 2008

Naxx 25

So I log in for some unexpected saturday night play and get an invite to DPS Naxx 25. Would you say no? Neither did I. What an opportunity to test whether my tanking/dps spec hybrid could actually dish out the pain. I slapped my DPS gear on and went to work.

Before I get into the nitty gritty, I knocked out a couple of achievements.

Yup, three bosses down. Picked up my first emblem of Valor in the process.

We also made some progress on the Plague Quarter which made for a 4 badge night.

The holy pally from my guild made the run as well and was the only one in there. All the other pallies were ret and prot. Needless to say she did well when two pally healing plate drops happened. I didn't do too bad myself. As you can see, I picked up some nice DPS boots that I probably won't replace until blizzard releases more content. These fell off the first boss we took on which was Anub'Rekhan.

There were a few other drops that I would have liked but I had to pass since I already won something. C'est la vie. Loot is nice but at the end of the day it is the ability to perform and clear content that I'm interested in.

So how did I perform? I'd say pretty damn well since this was the first raid I've taken this toon on. I know there are DK's out there who claim 3.5k to 4.k dps and good for them. I'm still mostly in dungeon blues and a couple heroic epics. That said, overall I rocked the 25 man charts for a first run. There I am in number 4 position with 2250 DPS. However, it was very clear to me there are two things from a DPS perspective that would have really helped increase what I was capable of.

The first is obviously more hit. I'm somewhere in the 160 range in my DPS gear and that led to 24% glancing blows on the last Arachnid quarter boss Maexxna. That said, I was still 3rd on the meter on that fight and I was webbed against the wall once.

The second, as DPS on 5 minute plus fights I know the Gargoyle would have really rocketed me up the charts. On the last fight we brought in another DK who had the gargoyle and even though I'm better geared his overall damage on the fight calling in the gargoyle twice was greater than mine. Perhaps I might drop one point in Dark Conviction to pick one up for nights like this.

We only had 2 wipes, one on Faerlina and one on Noth. On Faerlina, its a good idea to put your ghoul away. Midway through the fight it decided to go attack the adds instead of staying on the boss which is a no no in that battle.

Heroic Naxx was a lot of fun and I can't wait until my guild finishes leveling everyone for 10 man Naxx. Its easy to enjoy the big runs when you don't have to plan them and deal with all the headaches.

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