Monday, December 15, 2008

Poll Results: DK Plans

Generally I like my job, but the past two weeks it’s forced me to go see the Borean Tundra in person. I know this poll isn’t closed just yet, but I can recall enough of the results to talk about it while I’m on the plane to kill some time. It’s that or prep for a meeting.

The poll basically asks whether you plan on being a DPS DK or tank, and at what level. 64% of you say you plan on tanking either heroics or Naxx. The results reflect the direction of the blog and the limited marketing I’ve done for it so far. Most of my articles are about tanking and the two articles that generate the most traffic for me deal with tanking. Y’all are looking for tanking info and hopefully I help answer some of your questions. I know when I was learning to tank with my druid I relied heavily on Karthis over at Of Teeth and Claws and Big Bear Butt.

My webstats tells me most of you found me by some replies I have left in various forums and blogs where I believe I have written a relevant post. This is pretty much the extent of my marketing with the exception of a post on Blog Azeroth.

What they don’t tell me is what other sources of DK information you use. I hope that if you are serious about playing a DK you use the Elitist Jerks Death Knight Forums and, I know I do. Both of these sources provide some great debate, insights, and mechanics that will help all of us be better Death Knights and ensure we don’t get a bad reputation.

Outside of those two sources of information there is WoWInsider of course as well as other Death Knight blogs. So I’m putting up a new poll with check all that apply. I am only aware of three other DK specific blogs. So if you read one of the other blogs let me know. You can tell me why in the comments if you like. Also, if there is a DK blog you like I haven’t listed put it in the comments and I’ll get it added to the new DK blogroll on the side.

I don’t believe we are in competition since it’s so easy to quickly check a bunch of blogs for a new post. Plus I enjoy seeing what others have to say about our class and how to get the most out of our new toons.


  1. My blog has moved from a paladin tank focus to my death knight, and when i feel experienced enough; I'll start writing DK specific items. The plan is DPS, with a few rants about tanking when I choose to do it.

    However by no means a DK specific blog, its a wow blog and so much happens that I can't justify a focus which would preclude all the other aspects of warcraft.

  2. I definitely wouldn't say we're in any kind of competition whatsoever. Just like any class, there are a number of different ways to play, and several different kinds of reasons. I'm a casual gamer who just loves the hell out of the Deathknight for flavor, lore and ability styles. I still read yours and Hungering Cold, as well as the .info site. Can never have too many resources at hand, friend ;)

  3. Andrew, I didn't realize you refocused to death knights and have updated my DK blog roll accordingly.