Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Poll Results: My former main

Y'all took me by surprise. I wasn't expecting ranged DPS to be the greatest source of new DKs. Then again, I know my polls will be biased.

I remember my transition from ranged DPS to tanking/melee DPS. There is a learning curve, at least I had one. My first toon I ever raided with was an Affliction Warlock. Even though I participated in guild first kills of such bosses as Attuemen, Moreos, Maiden, and eventually Shade and Illhoof on this toon I always felt divorced from the action. I stood in back, moved when I needed to, and paid attention to my cast rotations.

Though I never played WoW pre-BC, I can see how ranged DPS could take it easy in a 40man raid.

When I rolled my Bear, and went out and researched how to tank, or supply melee DPS in cat form as needed, I quickly realized raiding with the boss smacking you around is a lot different than going pew pew in the back.

For those of you new to being the front line, expect more responsibility. When you are doing a 5 man or heroic, or even Naxx, as a tank or off tank you will be expected to know the fights. Not just the bosses, but the trash too. Marking mobs doesn't seem to be important so far in Wrath the way it was in BC, but you should still learn which mobs to kill in what order. Casters first.

You will also need to develop a greater level of situational awareness than you had raining death from a distance. As the tank you need to know where people are. You also need to know who's second on the threat lists of all the mobs. Because when one breaks free you want to know where its headed.

I know people joke that the tanks death is the healers fault, the healers death is the tanks fault, and dps deaths are their own damn fault. Use your threat dumps ya jerks. The fact is, when tanking you tend to take any ones death personally.

There isn't a post you can read that will teach you situational awareness. You just have to get that by experience. I'd also recommend getting experience in more than one roll. So you used to be a mage/lock/hunter. Now go out and roll a healer, even if its for lowbie instances. Learn what the other classes can and can not do. It will save your ass when all hell brakes loose. Trust me. I consider myself casual but I have one of every class at least level 60, 3 70's and my new pride and joy. I'm not the best frost mage or holy priest, but I have an idea of how they can work with me to get the baddie down.

As for the former tanks, you know what to do. Always keep an eye on the trade off between threat and mitigation and you'll be fine with the new DK.

Healers, my best advice as a DK is look at the mob, not your parties health bars.

Melee, remember we don't have a threat dump. We can talent lower threat for DPS but we can't clear it the same way a rogue can or to a lesser degree cower for cats.

If you haven't responded to the new poll on what you want to do with your DK please do so. Also for all you lurkers (I say that as if I have more than 5 people who have been here more than once) leave me a comment, tell me what's on your mind regarding DKs. We are a new class and our collective thoughts will define who we become. Let's make sure people want us for our abilities not for a perception of OP. After all GC says bring the player not the toon.

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