Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Poll Results, Why did you roll a Death Knight

Let me start by saying, I'm a professional statistician. I will give some interpretation of my polls but I KNOW that the data is biased. Anyone coming to my blog has an interest in Death Knights beyond a passing fancy.

OK, 20 of you were kind enough to respond and not surprisingly nearly two thirds of you have switched to a Death Knight as your new main. 25% of you were interested in the lore, while the remaining 3 of you just wanted to OP.

Let's start with the idea of Death Knights are over powered. At level 58 in Hellfire we were. Out of the 10 toons, every class, I've taken through Hellfire, the DK was far and away the easiest. Now I don't have any comparison at level 80, but I know when I run or tank a dungeon I don't feel over powered any more.

The lore, Blizzard did a great job with it. Too bad I'm just not caught up in it. Prior to WoW, the last time I played warcraft was the original Orcs versus Humans. Even then I never owned it. So I'm sure I missed out on some of the grandeur of the back story. C'est la vie.

New mains, dominated the sample. I was surprised to find myself one of them. My original Wrath intentions were to continue to level my Bear and keep tanking with him. I guess I just like the complexity of the DK over being a feral druid. I know some of you are saying being a druid can be complex to, and they can. Managing which form to be in and when can be quite involving, but in the middle of a fight, you just don't change to cat form when your tanking very often. I should confess my first toon was an Affliction warlock which had complex damage rotations to perform well and the DK kind of reminds me of that but in a more forceful way fighting the mob face to face.

So now that we know why you rolled a DK, go check the new poll and let everyone know what you plan to do with it. I purposely left PvP off the poll. Quite frankly, if you want PvP advice and anecdotes you are in the wrong place.

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