Saturday, December 13, 2008

Pug Joy

Three hours , two heroics. Took out Azjol-Nerub for the daily and traded out one dps and beat up the nexus.
I think I need a bigger toilet to flush this guy with. Reminds me of a story from a long time ago. Mrs. Scourge said we had a spider in the house. At the time where we lived we had big spiders and little spiders. The big ones were about 1". "Is it big or little". The answer was big. So I grab a tissue and proceeded to the living room to squish the damn thing. She didn't say it was BIG. Thing was the size of my fist and jumped. I used a golf club on it. Kinda like death gripping a mob into a rune strike.

Annomolus in Nexus gave us a little trouble but we one shot the big tree and the dragon. I picked up the Rift Striders off him for my trouble and was my only drop for the night. The only true tanking problem I had all night was on this fight. We tried to score the achievement by leaving all the rifts up. I got unlucky and took 6 different chaotic blasts within a couple of seconds and my health went down by half. IBF was on cooldown and for that matter so was bone shield and I dropped like a bad habit.

Nexus has a lot of caster mobs and AMZ would have been handy. Perhaps when we get duel spec I'll devote one to magic tanking and one to melee tanking.

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