Tuesday, December 30, 2008

PvP for the PVErs in all of us

As you know by now, I don't PvP. I leveled my lock to 70 on a Ally Dominated PvP server and hated every minute of it. Especially the level 53 druid who thought it was fun to camp my unguilded ass outside of Nessingwary when I was 31. I did it, I transfered off with some friends and I don't regret it.
So I log in to see a pug forming for a 10 man Archavon and they need a tank. I had some spare time so I said I'd do it. I get invited as the last person in. But as things were organizing we lost a couple DPS. At the time I had a total of 3 other guildies on and two just got out of Hero HoS. No problem. Marxi and Kludiwen are in. Then the guy who was going to OT the fight drops. Valgard is on so we bring him in to tank and I change to OT. Next thing we know the PUG is 40% Chaos Brewing and none of us have even read up on the boss.

Gotta say Archavon is easy. Two tanks and the second taunts off the first when he lunges. Same mechanic as the bear boss in ZA.

After one-shotting the 10 man version we had two more guildies come online, Beercan the Boomkin, and Lampost the killer holy paly. Everyone wanted to do it as a 25. So we invite our guildies, 6 of us now, and pug the rest.

We picked up another prot warrior so I switched to DPS duties and we went on to two shot the boss in hero mode.

Yup, two more achievements for the list. I'm about to break 1,000 points and I'm not chasing the things. I also scored a new piece of DPS goodness. Notice the signs of quality I immediately went out and put two quality gems and got the +10 stats enchant put on it. I want to be welcome in pugs and not have people bitch about my gear when I join up.

One last point. So far I haven't said much about the raid difficulty in wrath. I actually consider myself a casual raider even though I beat Ghostcrawlers if your 80 your hard core statement with my DK by well over a week. But this is the 5th 25 man boss I've pugged and I've downed them all. Then again, I still hate that elemental boss in Heroic VH.


  1. Hmmm hi, may I inquire as to why you didn't put str/hit instead of ap/hit ?

    I can't remember if the design is vendor or not, so maybe the availability is the reason :x

  2. Availability plain and simple. Our guild JC doesn't have the etched monarch topaz pattern yet since it is a drop.

    However for a DPS set I'm not terribly upset. The 8 Str converts to 16 AP so I don't lose anything there. I do lose a touch of parry with 16 AP over 8 Str. I'd be more concerned if this piece was in my tanking gear but I shouldn't need to parry as DPS.

    Clearly you understand the point of demonstrating quality. Nice eye to detail.