Sunday, December 14, 2008

Rep Gains in Wrath

Back in the BC day when I was playing my bear tank I had to grind rep. All Feral Druids did. Why? Earthwarden, plain and simple. This thing was so good many druids wouldn't replace it until well into SSC when they could afford to lose the defense it had on it.

Here we see me running up the stairs in Kara after my first ever Moroes wipe while tanking. Yup that's the big ass epic mace I lived in Steam Vaults for. No guild worth their salt would let a druid tank without have grinded to exalted with Cenarian Expedition to get it. To make matters worse, the guild I was in didn't do a lot of 5 mans so I had to pug all the runs. I'd get home from work and hit trade and lfg for SV or heroic SP.

So far things are a lot easier. In one evening I pugged Heroic Nexus, Heroic AN, and regular Halls of Lightning for the daily and picked up over 6,000 rep. Obviously I had a rep tabbard on. At this rate I can run whatever dungeons I want to get go from friendly to exalted for a given faction in 5 or 6 nights of playing. Even less on nights when I have my guild on and we can clear content even faster. This also allows you to focus the time you put into dailies into factions that you can't wear a tabbard for.

I predict a lot more people getting exalted in 4 or more factions this time around, and not pissing and moaning about it when they have to do it on their 3rd or 4th toon.

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