Thursday, December 18, 2008

The RNG loves me still and other observations

Yesterday was a busy day for me. Its not often I can make the time for four heroics. When I wasn’t running a heroic I was sitting in trade and looking for group trying to find one. I had lots of interesting conversations and had lots of interesting runs.

First of all, alt-tab and are your friend. I showed the recount of my failed heroic pug of Azjol Nerub already. A quick check of gear and enchants/gems would have weeded all three dps out and would have saved me a repair bill. I did get back in there with a better pug and despite a little difficulty with the last boss came away with my first epic drop of the day. That’s right I walked with the Ancient Aligned Girdle. Guess I won’t be using any badges on a tanking belt anytime soon woot.

I saw and spoke to a couple DK’s while looking for a group. The good, a guy named Foereaver. If you’re on Sen’jin horde side and this guy wants to DPS for you, take him. I’m jealous of his skill and gear. The bad, a guy who wanted to DPS Heroic Drak Theron in greens. And the Ugly, I shit you not I saw a DK in mostly tanking gear with a one handed sword. It wasn’t even a tank sword. Pure DPS. Did I mention it was one handed. Guys, if you aren’t going to use a two hander, Duel Wield. Seriously.

So I did make it into Drak Theron Hero with a couple guildies, one pugged dps and a pugged tree to heal. The tree checked out as nicely geared and had enough heroic achievements I wasn’t worried, until he inspected me. I should have screen shot the conversation but it went like this.

“You can tank unholy?” – pugged tree
“You better believe it, better than frost” – Me (I know you frosties might disagree but I have an attitude when people don’t think unholy can tank for no reason)
“Yeah he’s great” – guildy one
“Ok, dazzle me” – pugged tree

35 minutes later when the Prophet dropped without a wipe and not a single mob aggroing on the healer I asked, “Were you dazzeled?”

Pugged Tree – “yeah you’re the best DK tank I’ve ever seen, I never even got agro like I do with my guildy warrior.”

For my efforts the RNG rewarded me with the Keystone Great Ring. I can’t wait to regem and enchant all my gear so I can wear this little piece of tanking goodness.

So the tree wanted us to do heroic violet hold. We dropped the pugged hunter and picked up my guildy boomkin and went in. I’ve never even seen VH before, how bad can it be.

Our first boss was Ichoron and he wiped the floor with us twice. It took us a bit to figure out how to drop the globes and for me to kite him around the room when he comes back to give the DPS more time to drop the globes. After that we one shot the dog and the dragon boss at the end.

Did I mention the Loot Gods love me in a way that is probably not healthy for my marriage. That’s right the Bolstered Legplates dropped for me.

Three heroics and three epics, life is looking pretty good. It was only a week or two ago I was excited about blues from normal 80’s.


  1. Yeah, all this nice tank gear drops for you, all I get are the emblems. ;)

  2. C'mon Nek, you scored a nice piece of enhancement gear, and Klud always gets the elemental gear. Perhaps y'all should switch.

    We both know my luck won't hold out forever and the drops will start falling your way soon enough.