Monday, December 22, 2008

Signs of Quality

Back in Classic there was an adage, if it’s good enough to raid in, it’s good enough to enchant. At least I’m told that was an adage in classic since I didn’t get my WoW start until BC. Speaking of BC, we added, not only should the gear be enchanted you better gem them, with a minimum of blue gems. This combined with the revered requirement for Heroics and the daunting at first Kara key chain ensured that random strangers in your pug or raid probably knew what they were doing.

Now comes wrath and no keys or attunements to speak of. (Violet Hold doesn’t count, all you do is talk to a guy). You can brag all you want in trade and display your epeen to the world, but actions speak louder than words.

So what are the little things you can do to show you’re serious about raiding? Start with the adage. If you plan on raiding or doing heroics, make sure every item is enchanted and armor kits don’t count. Put the good chants on, even if you expect to replace the item soon. Remember every wipe costs the entire group gold. So a little extra gold up front on everyone’s part will save repair bills in the long run. Gem your gear appropriately including activating your meta gem. Now I’m the first to admit my DPS boots I got Saturday only have a green gem in them. I haven’t found a Balanced or Sovereign Twilights Opal yet to slot in them.

Speaking of Rep, or the lack of needing it. You should still be chasing it down for better gear. That means wearing a tabard when you run a dungeon. Since your collecting rep for gear, make sure you have halfway decent gear to begin with. Starting at level 78 there is some great BoE craftables for all classes not to mention you should be getting some nice quest chain and dungeon blues. After all, if you can’t even make the effort to complete some full chains or run a regular dungeon, why should someone expect you’ll make the effort to perform on their raid?

Lastly, speaking of performance, you want to demonstrate that in your achievements. If you want someone to pug you in on their Heroic Naxx and you don’t even have any dungeon achievements under your belt it’s not going to happen.

In a way this sort of turned into a reverse PuG survival guide. All of these actions indicate you are a quality player that is worth taking on a run and separate you from the scrubs, wannabes, and ebayers. Like Momma always said, you never get a second chance to make a first impression.

Take some pride and demonstrate some quality.

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  1. There's some great BOE craftables even before 78 depending on your spec. Blacksmiths can make some sweet armor for DKs.