Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Spec Happiness Take 23

So I had some time to run around and kill some stuff with my spec I thought I was happy with. Here are the results.....

Scourge Strike 21% of the damage, I can live with that.

Melee is 20%. Sure.

Rune Strike 16%. Even better I was able to convert 23% of my swings to Rune Strikes. I expect that will get even better when my small guild gets all 11 of us to 80 and move into Naxx.

Blood strikes, Icy Touch, Plague strikes and my dots, all make me happy. Wait a second, where the hell is Blood Caked Strike? I put 3 talent points into that and its not even in the top 8 sources of damage.

Oh there it is, number 11 contributing 2.7% of my damage. Basically dead last. I hardly used Unholy blight given the mobs I was hitting died in 3 hits anyway. Same with death and decay and death strike. 3 talent points for 3% of damage. Right now I can't say I'm impressed.

If only I could move those points to subversion, but alas I need the 3 points in Unholy to get blight. I think I'll move them to Ravenous Dead. I'll get a bit more strength and Stupid will get a lot more health.

On a side note, I'm not impressed iwht Lichflame from the Rune of Lichbane. Its clear that its 2% damage buff only applies to melee damage and not overall. Perhaps Fallen Crusader or Cinderglacier will be better. Crusader can proc a 30% Strength increase while Cinder procs extra strike damage. Maybe I'll try the Rune of Swordshattering for the extra 4% parry to try and proc more Rune Strikes.

Stay tuned, not even elitist jerks has posted a best Unholy tank spec.

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