Friday, December 12, 2008

Strategic uses of Raise Dead

Raise dead, soon to be raise ally, is a situational raid DPS preservation tool. Some of you are asking me, scourge WTF did you just say? There are times when you can maintain high levels of raid dps but using raise dead.

The first and most obvious use is when a non critical role dies in a boss fight. You can ghoul your friends and get them back in the action to continue to lay the smack down on the boss. Why non critical, If you have a druid or a lock in the group you want to use their battle rez capabilities on healers first, then tanks. Therefore you don’t want to kill their ability to rez one of those players. Unlike a druid’s battle rez, since ours is instant we can get someone up while tanking, take that you furry beast.

Here is a more creative use of raise dead. Again it is highly situational. Lets say you have a caster that is just scraping the mana barrel towards the end of a long fight and you’re worried about an enrage timer. They’ve used all their tricks to regen their mana but it’s just not happening. With all the AOE damage a group takes on boss fights, they can sacrifice themselves and you can pop them back up as a ghoul to they can continue to add some damage.

The first technique is easy to pull off without much prior planning, in fact you can do it in your next pug. The second is probably best left for guild runs since it takes more coordination than most pugs have. The caster has to let you know they are done, and gonna sac themselves, the healer has to know to not waste their own mana by healing the victim, you have to know that they will need to be raised as soon as they drop to maximize the time they can say braaiiinssss.
This is essentially the same thing healers who are soulstoned will do to squeeze that last bit of healing out at the end of a long fight. Tricks like these can be the difference between a 1% wipe and a guild first kill.

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