Thursday, December 4, 2008

Talent Spec Performance

Earlier I considered moving 3 points from Blood Caked Blade to Ravenous Dead since I wasn't initially impressed with BCB's output. I left my spec unchanged from this. I was also concerned about the lack of Subversion's threat reduction when I am in a DPS role and planned on testing it out yesterday.

I did. It was my first run in Halls of Stone. We had to pug one spot since our guild of 11 people didn't have enough on. You can see I took the top spot. The Shammy was lvl 77 elemental. The rogue was pugged while Valgard is level 78. Our Pally healer is already 80 and I finished the run 200k xp shy of dinging 80.

For the most part I went easy on the AOE since I was not tanking and on AOE heavy fights I pushed 1600dps. I wish I would have screen shotted one. We were in the area with all the non elite rock elementals and we pulled around 10 of them. Between 3 diseases, pestilence, unholy blight, and I went a head and did a dps no no and dropped the high threat Death and decay, my screen was entirely filled with numbers. I couldn't see anything.

So back to the decisions at hand, was threat a problem? No, not when I gave ample time before applying AOE. If I used pestilence on the first half on the initial rotation I could start to hit threat limits on secondary mobs. Single target threat was fine. Val even didn't bother hitting me with vigilance after the first one wore off.

Does blood caked blade do enough damage to justify its expense. I think so. Yes it came in at # 12 on my sources of damage and did 2.5% but it still adds up and I'll also defer to the research at EJ and keep it in over ravenous dead.

I did drop Lichblade after the run and replaced it with Swordshattering. I know the extra parry won't mean anything while doing DPS but soloing and tanking it should produce as much as Lichflame was, which didn't even make the top 15 sources of damage I put out.

Sometime in the next few days, I will post a discussion of all the talents I took and why.

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