Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Tankin Heroics one wipe at a time

So I ran Old Kingdom heroic yesterday. I wasn't supposed to tank. It was a pug group and I was brought in as DPS. The problem is, my 526 defense turned out to be a lot better than what our warrior was sporting.

The Pally healer we had was fantastic in his ability to keep the tank up. Things went reasonably well until we got to Jedoga Shadowseeker. She crit the tank and dropped him in one shot about a minute in. Luckily I was second on the aggro list. I popped my Empower Rune Weapon and changed to frost stance and managed to stay vertical as we slowly killed her. With the tank down and me in frost we didn't have the DPS to kill the minions outright so I would save IBF for her buff right after the sacrifice.

For my efforts I scored the Edge of Oblivion. A sweet Axe if I ever saw one.

My DPS on the run was Meh. I had two issues. Stupid like to die, a lot. I got to the point I just left him dead. So there's a dps hit. I'm starting to think my treatise on ghoul vs gargolye was not well thought out, assuming I seriously underestimated ghoul survivability. The second issue is best shown with a picture. Wow that's a lot of glancing blows.
Miss is a little high too.

Skeleton Jack did a great post about hit and expertise. Basically says, you need 295 hit for the hit cap to eliminate glancing and misses.

My hit is 54. Oops. Needless to say, this is a stat I need to go find as I finish getting my defense capped. The wyrmrest boots I'm repping for has 29 which will help and I have my eye out for a scroll of Enchant Gloves Precision for its 20 to hit as well. That still leaves me woefully short of the hit cap. However, as I saw first hand yesterday. Def Cap > Hit Cap.

You can't hit shit when you're dead.

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