Thursday, December 4, 2008

Tankin with my pants on

DKs are a different breed of tank. You will never see us without our pants.

Did you ever inspect your tank after a boss fight in a heroic? Did you ever catch one without their pants? To the uninitiated this would be surprising. Any tank that has seen some serious progression knows its a trick of the trade to lose your shorts for a fight.

All three classic tanks rely on taking damage to generate threat. I know when my bear was armor capped and 45% dodge in the easier heroics or worse, running an alt through a lesser dungeon I had huge problems with rage starvation. As a bear, I'd typically put on my cat gear, or sometimes even tank as a cat. Warriors and Pallies are in the same boat. If they have too much mitigation the warriors don't get rage and the pallies don't need to be healed which refills their mana bars. Solution, they'd take their pants off.

Death Knights will never have that problem. Our threat is generated by our abilities which are independent of taking damage. We will never overgear the content we are running.

I thought about this as I look through gear lists trying to find what I can get the easiest that will satisfy my minimum mitigation requirements of 689 defense rating to become uncritable.

Sometime soon, after I do my spec rundown, I'll write what gear I'm after and why. Let me preface that by saying I'm a pragmatist. I don't have time or the wherewithal to chase down best in class gear for every slot. I'll be going after the easiest way to get my defense to 540.

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  1. The removal of a dependence on mana is the reason I switched from a Paladin Tank to Death Knight. Mana starvation was horrid and some mobs and bosses drained mana, or were immune. DKs will have our own challenges, but already i can do almost everything my paladin could with only a few subtle changes. I don't have a warrior Tank, but I have a guildie who was a very good Warrior tank, who has also switched.