Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Time to give Death Knights a voice before we get a bad rap

Let’s start by tossing a few numbers around. Wrath has been out for almost 3 weeks and in that time Warcraftrealms.com has seen 1,384,615 Death Knights in its census. Holy crap that’s a lot of new plate. When I rolled mine a few days after launch and I had leveled my bear to 71 I hit Hellfire and all I could see were bucket loads of DKs. There were so many of us that I actually had to fight for mob spawns in Zeth Gor.

Not only was the place crawling with DKs they were doing some really stupid stuff reveling in supposed OPnes. 5DK ramp run, sure. Hell, I even kited a Void Reaver with no heals to Thrallmar so the mages could burn it down and lived. Ahh those were the days when people thought we could do anything and we pissed off everyone who hadn’t rolled one to.

Let’s add some perspective now. The census says only 198,854 of those Death Knights have hit 70. Woops, where did everybody go. We didn’t even make Fad of the Month. Just like every other class, playing a knight is easy, playing one well is not. Between 60 and 70 a lot of the scrubs realized it takes skill to tank, and a whole lot of defense which our training blues lacked. You also had to put a lot of effort into talent selection and rotations to get decent damage.

We can further narrow the list down. The census has only seen 41,977 Death Knights make it to 79 or 80. 97% of the unruly Mob that devoured Hellfire has been abandoned or just hasn’t made it yet. At this level we are only 8% of the population compared to Pallies 14%. Chances are, if you want to go into the Oculus and a DK wants to come as either DPS or to Tank they know how to play their toon. We didn’t powerlevel past all the Hunters, Locks, and Druids that had a 15 level head start on us without doing our research at Elitist Jerks and DeathKnight.info. We know we need 535 defense to tank heroics and 540 to tank Naxx. We know what gear we need to get us there. We know to put 3 points in subversion for the sweet threat reduction in blood and unholy presence if we are dps. We know our ghouls on defensive will chain pull everything and keep it on passive and command it to attack specific targets. We also know our guildies are aware of our sacrificing our Bears, Pallies, and Warriors to tank things a little differently these days.

So when you see a fresh 80 Death Knight in trade or looking for group offering to tank or DPS give us a chance. When you see a 70 DK wanting to run Nexus, by all means don’t turn them away. When you see a 63 wanting to go to Slave Pens, ask them who their main is, and then check their armory.

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