Thursday, December 4, 2008

Where's BB King when you need him

I've got the blues. Literally. And unfortunately figuratively. First the bad news. I saw an 80 DK advertising tanking any 80 in trade. I didn't need a run but I sent him a tell anyway to see whats going on. Earlier I said, if you see an 80 DK they probably know what they are doing. I was wrong. My new friend and I disagree on tanking. I'd like to think I'm right but I'll post both sides of the story and let you decide.

I can't fault him on his gear too much since mines not that great either. That said I sport 19.2k hp in blood presence and he only had 14.4. I asked him what his defense was and it was 486. Actually, mine was earlier in the day when I dinged 80 so no harm no foul. I asked him what spec, he replied, "Frost, only spec that can tank." As you know, I'm Unholy. I happen to agree with EJ that Unholy is completely viable and the fact that he laughed at me for being unholy tells me he's not very open minded. I pulled his armory. Yes he is frost but he is missing two important talents in blood. Namely Blade Barrier and Bladed Armor. Lower threat and lower mitigation<>good. The icing on the cake IMO was he was duel wielding, as a tank, without a lot of hit or expertise. Lower threat and parry instagib = dead tank and dead dps.

I'm scared he will tank a pug and 4 people will think DKs suck at tanking. I suggested my talent choices were approved by EJ and and hopefully he will go do some research.

Changing gears. On to my literal blues. The RNG liked me. My first run tanking Hall of Lightning and look what dropped off Loken. This was on my Christmas, uncritable wish list and its now in slot 17. I know I still owe you the rest of my pragmatic gear list but we can start by saying I'm repping for Wyrmrest. But with this little beauty I'm now sporting a whopping 504 defense. Woot!

I also believe my spec can throw some DPS so here's what I accomplished in Frost presence without my Ghoul. Yes thats yours truly at the top of the damage meter throwing 1148 dps while tanking. Runestrike was about 20% and actually procced so much I had trouble keeping Unholy Blight up. All in all, not bad for never running the place before. Good thing I run in windowed mode so I can ALT-TAB to wowwiki for boss info.


  1. What the hell did we run for my dps to be that horribly below 1000?

  2. You were level 77 at the time Nek. Lots of misses on 81 elites.

  3. Not to mention as I look back on that 1150 is way low for me these days. We've come a long way in the last couple of weeks.

  4. Ah ok, I was wondering which it was. I thought it was that HoL run, wasn't sure.