Thursday, January 8, 2009

3 down, 4th oh so close

I mentioned we were going to do our guilds first Naxx 10 yesterday. Our priest and mage couldn't come so we picked up an elemental respecced resto shammy for our second heals and a hunter from another small guild we have an alliance with.

Right off the bat, one of my plans had gone awry. Needless to say, we weren't able to sacrifice our favorite mage. An hour before raid time I logged on to find that Wintersgrasp has a battle in progress. Since I wanted to give us a Vault 10 warmup I zone in to WG just in time to see us win. I never even saw one ally.

After the fight there were a bunch of people looking to group for a 25 run so I quickly grabbed Marxi and posted lf23m and organized a pug run. Turns out Marxi was already saved which was too bad. There were no rogues in the pug and the T7.5 rogue pants dropped.

Raid time comes and we eventually get organized after being rusty from not raiding and we go into Archavon 10. It was a nice clean one shot. However, my plan of using him as a warm up and to grab some easy loot didn't quite work out. If you've been in there you'll know he always drops tier gear instead of the tokens. Our two pieces were the rogue boots (marxi already had) and the mage gloves, which Kahl couldn't make it. So we had to shard both.

On to the Arachnid quarter in Naxx.

First up, Anub Rekhan. I'd like to say we one shot this fight, but we didn't. On our first attempt our MT healer didn't have enough range and was silenced by the locust swarm and that was that. We had no problems on the second try.

Then we moved on to Grand Widow Faerlina.

The screen shot was from our third attempt. Once we decided to tank her on the platform with the adds instead of pulling one to us to stop the enrage we had no issues. In fact I expect we will one shot her next week.

This lead us to Maexxena the big spider and our heartbreak.

We had a late start and it was already 10 to midnight when we got to her. Our first attempt we took her down to 14% and lost the tank during a web wrap. I was second highest on aggro table and just couldn't survive in my DPS gear.

Our second attempt was fail from the word go. Val went do at 90% health. Dayrock did a good job tanking her down to 30% and once again died during a web wrap.

Our last attempt I decided I would dps in my tank gear. That way should we lose a tank during the web wrap I should be able to hold her off and get the kill. As a Decision Scientist by trade, I make distinctions between the quality of decision and the results. In this case it was a good decision with a bad outcome. We wiped with 102k left on her health after 4 minutes.

I still believe preparing to lose the tank since we didn't have much in the way of HoTs for the web wraps was the right one. The reason for the bad result, my DPS dropped from 2600 on the prior attempts to 2000. That's 36,000 damage per minute I gave up for tank insurance. Three minutes of that level of increased DPS would have scored the kill.

Now for the unbiased critique.

All the DPS, myself included, needs a lot more +hit. Recount reviews indicate that we could have picked up between 200 and 600 dps per individual based on their hit ratings. That alone would have generated enough damage in one minute to finish off Max.

As raid leader, I should have encouraged our Boomkin to lay all of his HoTs on the tank for web wraps including stacking lifebloom first to allow it to bloom when no heals were possible.

We also had issues with the three ranged dps getting people shot down off the wall.

Since I hate to end with a negative note, I was very pleased overall with our performance last night. We were a little rusty but we quickly figured out what we needed to do so we could be successful. We still got three bosses down and a couple members picked up some beneficial upgrades. Our lowest DPS for the entire night was 1250 and three of us are clearing 2,000 now.

I have no doubts that we won't get Max later in the week and maybe score a couple more bosses as well.

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