Thursday, January 15, 2009

Are 10 Mans Harder than 25's?

So I've pugged Naxx a few times as Heroic raids and I've run the Arachnid quarter twice now as a guild in Normal. My gut is telling me that the 10's are harder to execute than the 25's.

From my raid leading days in a larger guild, I will say organizing 25 people can be a nightmare and just fielding a team is hard by itself.

But I just can't get past the feeling that every time I pugged a 25 we could down whatever boss was in front of us. But on the 10's not so much.

Now if we were able to field a group of 10 where everyone was properly geared and not playing an offspec I think we would be doing much better than we currently are. Our two tanks are great, we have 4 solid DPS, and one fantastic healer. That's still 3 people short.

I'm not trying to dig on my guildies, and don't think that I am. I understand RL can set you back and right now a few of us are playing catch up in game. My point is, in a heroic raid you can afford to have a few people not up to the challenge. In a normal raid you can't.

I'm also not the only one who feels this way. Sydera over at World of Matticus wrote about this topic and generated a ton of debate.

So I've posted a second poll to see what y'alls thoughts are.


  1. I think it really depends on the fight. We got the Momma Said to Knock You Out achievement in 25-man with only 5 healers our first time ever fighting the boss, then wiped repeatedly trying to get the same achievement on 10-man with 3 healers. It didn’t seem to make any sense. Tank was the same person, and healers were mostly the same.

    But on the other hand there are fights like Thaddius where you can lose two or even three people in 10-man and the fight's still cake. On Thaddius 25-man, if you lose two or three people you might not beat the enrage timer, and you have a LOT more people who can get themselves killed.

    My guild has finished 10-man, but is still struggling with 25-man due to Thaddius and the fact we have never had two priests in the raid when we're set to do Instructor Razuvious. We're trying the hunter Distracting Shot rotation, but haven't nailed it yet. :(

  2. Both 10- and 25-man have a couple of encounters that are more difficult on one than on the other, but there's not so much difference that you can make a blanket statement that one is harder than the other.

    In my experience, there are only two fights that are noticeably different between 10- and 25-man, both in the construct quarter. Hana already discussed Thaddius. The other one: if you don't have anyone who can kite up to ten mobs all by themselves while taking minimal damage, you're not going to kill Gluth on 10-man. You just won't. If you need two or more people to kite the zombies, you're not going to have enough dps to kill him before the hard enrage timer. On 25-man, however, as long as you have any combination of three hunters and/or shamans to drop frost traps/earthbind totems on the grates, Gluth is trivially easy. It's almost completely idiot-proof.