Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Baby DK

I forgot how Death Knights start off with dress. So macho. Can kill anything.

Anyway I rolled another death knight for a couple of reasons. One I wanted to enjoy the starter quests again. This time I can appreciate them more since I'm not learning the mechanics at the same time. The other reason it with just a bit of effort I can hit 60 in Hellfire and test a few things out.

I'm a cheap bastard and respeccing on Omenscourge is getting expensive. So I'm going to level this guy blood to 60 so I can learn the ins and outs of more blood talents, then I will respec to a frost tank spec and try to tank ramps a few times.

To be honest my biggest concern with the plan will be finding 3 other DK's who don't want to be Deathtards in ramps and a healer willing to pug that insanity. This will be harder since I haven't had a toon on that server in over a year and don't know many folks anymore.

To sum it up, new DK = cheap testing on other trees.


  1. Alternate solution: find an 80 DK in existence to play super-tank and you won't need a healer for ramps or anything up til maybe crypts. That's how I do it on other server and it's both a great learning tool and... a heck of a lot of fun. Post-nerf I think it would still do alright too.

  2. A healer? 5-DK Ramps at level 60 is one of the most fun things I've done with my DK...

    Also, what server? I'd join you with a few other non-Deathtards for testing purposes.

  3. I know ramps can be run with 5 DKs. The point of running it with a healer while tanking is to get a feel for the deep tank specs for Blood and Frost. At least one tree's worth.

    That way I can speak more intelligently on other parts of our class.

    As for the server the new DK is on, its Exodar Horde side. You can see in the picture the name is Orpheo, but I've been out of pocket for work most of the week so I think he's still barely level 56.