Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Back to Naxx

Well we never were able to get back into Naxx last week to finish off Maxenna. Tonight we will be going back in. In the week since, several of us have scored some significant upgrades which should bring all 6 DPS over 1,500 and 3 or 4 of us should easily clear 2,000.

Our Heals have also scored some better gear plus we all know the first fights now and should hopefully organize quicker.

Assuming Horde holds WG when we start we will try to score a couple quick gear upgrades again before heading into Naxx.

For Anub, the plan is simple. Heal through the locust swarms with all melee pulling out and going for the adds. The add tank will wait by the back curtain to pick them up quickly, while the boss will be tanked by the entrance.

Grand Widow will be tanked in the midde of her adds so we can easily change targets to stop her enrages. This was the technique that got us the kill on our third try last week. I will also use my AMZ twice during the fight so we don't have to reposition her due to the rain of fire.

Maxx will continue to be tanked by the little altar and no matter what happens I will not gimp my dps so I can pick her up and tank her should the MT go down. We still only have 3 ranged DPS so the pressure will be on them to shoot down whoever is stuck on the walls.

After Maxx, we will make a decision on whether to go after Noth or Patch depending on our DPS for the night. In order to beat the enrage time we will need to do approximately 12,000 raid DPS. After accounting for the two tanks, the remainders need to hit about 1700 on average to get this done. It's gonna be tight for us right now.

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