Thursday, January 15, 2009

Deathtard Spotted... and its not Me

/rant on

So I had a little over an hour to kill today and already did the daily on Omenscourge. Chaos needs a tree on occasion so I log my druid for some UK healing action.

We score two mages and a shadow preist and find a DK to tank. We'd been looking for a tank for 20 min so we take him.

The spec should have been a red flag. 35/0/26 All over the place too. Duel wield without any beneficial talents you bet.

Now I'm generally a nice guy. I know hes not gear nor specced to tank but played well we should be able to survive.

Frost presence, check, or so I'm told. I wish there was a way to see that on other toons.

Rotation, dnd, it, ps, pest. Check. Well not exactly. The dnd would come up on occasion against a single mob. No it, no ps, no pest.

Melee 51% of damage, followed by Death Coil? You serious? How does this guy solo quests?

Any guesses who had aggro every pull? If it wasn't me it was the two mages getting it from sheeping. Remember sheeping?

We even marked kill orders and the guy would stand there and not do anything.

Maybe he was nervous. Maybe he'd never tanked before. Maybe he could have listened to the shadow preist about kill orders, or the mages about CC, or me about what abilities to use when.

I'm the first to admit, I can be wrong, I'm not perfect, and I make mistakes. But I try to learn from them.

I politely excused myself from the run claiming I wasn't up to the healing challenge of UK on my resto druid.


  1. While not a moron, I've got a guildmate who has a (primarily) blood DK that he intends to tank with. What concerns me about his build is that he's only got 2 points in Blade Barrier. His argument there is that HIS research indicates that putting any more points into it doesn't benefit his build. MY understanding was that all good tank builds start with BB, Toughness, and Anticipation capped. What say you?

  2. The one time I've seen a blood tank in action was Heroic OS. He was a great tank, then again I ran with him in BC and he was a great Pally tank.

    I can't for the life of me understand why a tank would want to pass up 6% avoidence by not filling out BB beyond 2 points.

    Not to mention, thats a 6% greater chance at proccing Rune Strike which should still be a significant part of his threat rotation.

    Since you say he "intends" on tanking, he may not be in his tank spec yet if he is still leveling and then I wouldn't be as concerned.

    Of the three primary talents, I could see foregoing a little toughness if Frost presence put you at the armor cap. I don't beleive that's possible with the current gear available.

  3. You are nicer than I am. If I'd have checked the guys spec I'd have said goodbye then and there.

    Question about the recount damage done. What should the order have looked like? It's been a while since I was blood, but it seems like I went melee, heart strike, death coil sometimes thanks to the talent that procs the crit deathcoils.

  4. I would have expected to see rune strike used more than 5 times.

    IT, PS, and pestilence don't even show up, for that matter the disease damage is exceedingly low which is required to generate threat on secondary mobs is virtually non existent as well.

  5. I'd be harsh with somebody who does not have (a) spec, (b) gear, or (c) a sensible skill use - but then some folks are still learning. Not that I think you guys would have been rude, but some players are far too rude when giving insightful feedback. Incite is more like what they do.

    Thus I'm re-thinking my elitist stance a bit; especially since watching two guildies discuss how awesome they are because they "always listen". In G-chat, in plain view. And they are two of the biggest pains in the arse about "perfect performance".

    It was like watching two 14 year old boys in an epeen contest. And both players are well over 25.

    Its one thing to dump a bad player for a good reason (a,b,c above), but its another to be snarky about it. I vow to drop the snarkiness.

  6. @ Andrew

    Sorry you felt the tone was "Snarky". This post was not meant to come off as I'm elists and somebody else sucks.

    Had I wanted to humiliate the guy I would have identified him.

    The point was to provide an example of what not to do. IE. don't melee and deathcoil only when tanking, especially when you are responsible for multiple mobs.

    In fact I was polite the whole time I was in the instance with him, but when I truly realized he was not listening to myself or the others in how to handle things I excused myself stating that I wasn't capable of healing.

  7. Scourge, I don't think Typhoon was saying you were snarky.

    I am one of thos new guys, just getting my first to 80, have 2 others above 60. Playing Unholy tank. A lot of ppl are very patient and helpful then there are the jerks out there who act like they were born with 71 talent points.
    If the nice ppl were not out there noone would know how to properly run something. I think we should try to extend patience to people who are willing to listen, but some ppl are antisocial and love to be stubborn(if I had a dollar for every time some impatient dps aggroed the next group while i was tagging....)

    I will join the revolution. Down with snark. This is a community, do your part and contribute!