Friday, January 9, 2009

Don't tell Jaina but Thrall

is having an affair.

Just digging through some of my old screen shots and found this one of our holy priest all diseased up in Thralls arms during the invasion.

The second she turned into a Zombie the guards pwnd her big time.

I took this shot after the two of us spent an hour terrorizing Astranaar. I don't PvP often but I had a lot of fun that week even though I was leveling 2 alts to 60 and literally had to avoid Org like the plague.

Here we see my druid and a friend having some fun before SSC. Who says DK's are the only ones that can walk on water.

DK's aren't OP. Seriously, we aren't. Level 59 and I survived a Fel Reaver. Granted the mages at Thrallmar burnt him down but I kited the Fel Reaver there without heals. It was then I learned the only thing he drops is for the shattered halls key quest. No loot, not even a copper.

After that I realized Thrall was not fit to lead. He fooled around with my friend and I could solo Fel Reavers so I dethroned him.

Then I made my escape.

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