Monday, January 26, 2009

DPS in Tank Spec

Before I got back on the road for the last leg of my travels I scored a Heroic OS run. I went as DPS.

First thing I did, was port to Ebon Hold to change out the rune on my new axe to fallen crusader and took the summon.

I'm sporting my unholy Tank/DPS spec. As I've said before the purpose is to be capable of tanking through Naxx 10 as well as provide solid DPS regardless of content. I did drop the point in Corpse Explosion for one more in Necrosis.

I also strapped on all my DPS gear since the tank stuff just doesn't pack the punch. Unfortunately I didn't have the foresight to screen shot the damage distribution of my attacks before I headed out.

I will say my rotations on the trash packs were IT, PS, Pest, UB, BB, SS.

On the drakes and Sarth I used IT, PS, BB, BB, SS followed by SSx3+. Using the sigil of scourge strike I rarely had to reapply my diseases. I also dumped RP into my gargoyle, unholy blight, and deathcoils.

My ghoul also did much better surviving the AOE with night of the dead, and I wonder if it doesn't help the gargoyle as well. I know mine took a wave and kept on hitting.

I didn't top the charts but I was close. The 3832 I tossed was on the second drake where melee stayed on the whole time. For the entire run, including Sarth, I cleared 3k dps.

Min/maxers would have done more with the pure unholy dps spec or the dual wield spec, but I like that I can hold my own as a tank and dps without respeccing.

Your turn.

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  1. Its all the AoE that you're doing. Ive done quite a bit of DPS while tanking the adds from Tenebron or the Lava Blazes on Sarth because of the simple rotation that you've outlined. Try doing single target dps (ie patchwerk) in tank spec with dps gear on and you wont do much.

    The power of the unholy tree lies in AoE, imo. without AoE, its pretty lackluster.

    US-Blackrock: Grimsorrow