Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Would you spend 190g for 400 DPS?

Sure you would.

Since our planned Naxx run tonight already has 2 prot warriors I'll be on DPS duty for the night. So why not do it up right? 3.08 hasn't hit and DW is the king of DPS.

Specifically, I used Skeleton Jack's 0/30/41 spec to give it a go. I'm a little light on AP and went out and bought 2 fangs of truth from Wyrmrest and also swapped out my glyphs.

Last night in H HoL I pushed around 1950 DPS for the night and peaked on Volhkan at 2900. Woot!!! Not bad for a semi-casual.

So was it worth it? You be the judge. 3362 DPS on the Fleshcrafter. That's a hell of an increase over Volhkan, especially since I didn't aoe adds like I did with his. For the entire run I just missed 2400.

Needless to say, I plan on staying this way for DPS duty tonight.

There's not a lot of drops in CoT for a DK, but we did score the timed event and I won the roll. Now I fly first class. Boo ya!

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