Sunday, January 18, 2009

A good night for the Scourge

I got into a Naxx 25 run with one of the better raiding guilds on the server. And we knocked out 3 quarters. I hope I can make it tongiht to finish the place since I believe they will clear it.

Compared to them I was undergeared so that meant I got lots of drops.

I scored the Shoulderguards of Opportunity for my DPS set.
I got the Ablative Chitin Girdle for tanking.
And I picked up the Sabatons of Endurance for Tanking.

I also collected enough Emblems of Valor to get the Signet of the Impregnable Fortress. This was such an upgrade compared to all my rings its in my Tanking and DPS set.

Between the gear upgrades and clearing two quarters I hadn't seen before I picked up four Achievements for the night as well.

DPS wise I held my own with the help of the DW spec. I hit 5164 DPS on Anub Rekahn and still came in 4th, they had three people break 6k DPS and one was a hunter. For the night I did 3500 including kiting the zombies on Gluth.

If you plan on being a kiter, make sure you have Unholy Blight, that would have made it so much easier rounding up all the zombies.

Now I'm back in my Unholy Tank/DPS spec so I can start tanking again after a week off.

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