Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Gotta Question? Ask the Scourge.

So today is maintenance day and I'm on my last day of being out of pocket. I haven't had much time to troll the forums or other DK sites but I will tomorrow.

I know a lot of people are afraid to post a question on EJ or the forums because you don't want to get flamed. Here's your chance to ask it.

You can leave a comment here, or you can send me an email at my address listed at the bottom of the page. Either way I will answer it. I will keep you anonymous if you want, and I won't call you a deathtard.

If you are actively trying to improve your game (ie asking a question) you will never be a tard.

Besides, the former professor in me believes if you have a question someone else wants to know the same thing. In fact, I expect I will learn a thing or two as well.

So whatdya want to know?


  1. Looks like I get to be your first customer then. I wrote to you on the DK forums yesterday and got a lot of useful info so far, but I have a few more questions about your DPS/OT Unholy build before I go for it myself.

    1) What Glyphs are you sporting for your dps/OT spec?

    2) You say that EJ says that the Necrosis > 3% STR from Ravenous Dead. But does that take into account the 60% STR your Ghoul gets as well for your overall dps?

    3) is the Magic Suppression and AMZ worth it? Ive heard AMZ was already situational in most fights, and even more so now with its lesser duration in the patch. Is it worth the DPS loss of 6 talent points?

    Thanks again for the info so far!

  2. Hey Omen, great blog here.
    I have a question regarding Icebound Fortitude and how much of a boost it gets from defense now since 3.08. Somewhere I read +15% damage reduction per 140 defense but that does not seem right to me. A tank with the soft cap, 540 def, would get ~57% damage reduction with that calculation. Blizzard had said that 540 defense would bring it to around 35%. Is my math wrong or am I missing something elsewhere?


    Pacian, UH DK tank, Windrunner US.

  3. @Altesian

    The glyphs I am using are bone shield, a must for tanking, scourge strike, a must for unholy DPS, also benefits threat generation, and glpyh of the ghoul to pump its dps.

    The EJ thread that has necrosis as more valuable than ravenous dead does include the increased ghoul damage to the best of my knowledge. Necrosis got a nice buff in 3.08 and is nothing to sneeze at.

    The improved AMS and nerfed AMZ are situational, but when the situation arises are the difference between a dead tank and a dead boss. In PVE, the bosses will typically burn through the bubble with damage long before the timer is up.

    @ Pacian

    the +15% per defense over 140 you read was off by a couple decimal places. It should be 0.15% which at 540 defense translates to 41% reduction. (20% base 21% for the 140 def above the base) That said 41% still seems a bit high compared to Blizzards stated goal of around 35% at 540 defense.

  4. Just to continue my train of thought while I got your attention.

    Those were the Glyphs I was looking at, phew. What about Minor Glyphs? I was planning on Glyph of Raise Dead and Pestilence . But the third... I was leaning toward Corpse Explosion, since Ive heard it will even explode another already dead body as well, overall giving you more bang for your RP buck. On the same note, I do not really see any other Minor Glyph worth taking.

    And finally, with my stubbornness, does the Necrosis vs. Ravenous Dead debate also include the extra STA to your Ghoul for Corpse Explosion? I guess I am just a fan of that talent, making Mr. Rotting Bones the best he can be.

    Again, thanks a lot for this other perspective. It has taken me a while to find the talent spec right for me.

  5. @ Alteisen

    My minors are pestilence, horn of winter, and rune tap.

    The CE gyph will only blow up secondary targets if CE kills them which is a low probability.

    As for ravenous dead increasing your DPS from exploding your ghoul, I don't know if the folks at EJ considered it or not. But consider the following hyothetical numbers.

    Let's say RD increased your exploding Ghoul damage by 1000 per explosion. With night of the dead you summon and blow up your ghoul every minute. That would add 16 dps to your totals for the fight.

    This assumes that you hit enough scourge strikes to clear your raise dead cooldown every minute, blow up the ghoul, and summon another immediately.