Sunday, January 25, 2009

It Finally Dropped

3 pugged DPS, my favorite Pally to heal me, and two people rolling on the drop.

To make matters worse, the batteries in my mouse died on the first attempt and I use the mouse to drive so I stood in the novas and died.

Second attempt looked good and my computer DC'd after the second nova.

Third attempt, the ele shammy who was undergeared died before he could pop Blood lust.

But third time was the charm and we downed him fast enough a couple people got the timed achievement.

And I won the roll.


As far as tanking went, threat appeared to be well in hand. In fact I had such large threat leads I went ahead and used my gargoyle on the bosses. Lamp said post patch 3.08 I'm a tad easier to heal, but I can still take a few spikes in damage.

With my new gloves, titansteel helm I finally bought this morning, and my new axe my health is 26.4k and armor is pushing 28.8k.


  1. Who does this drop off of?

  2. You can get this axe off of Lokken in Halls of Lightning on Heroic Mode only. There was a Titans Grip warrior in the group who rolled against me on this and was surprised to learn that Death Knights tank with a DPS weapon.

    Of course I told him at the beginning of the run and reminded him before the fight I was rolling need on this if it dropped.

  3. Warriors are silly creatures. That's a nice looking weapon, grats on the drop.

    2 levels to go on my DK, I have a titansteel destroyer sitting in my bank. I hope to DPS though, as I tank on my warrior.

  4. That's the bueaty of this wep, all I need to do is change out the rune of swordshattering to rune of the fallen crusader and I'm good to DPS.