Friday, January 30, 2009

A Little Progress

Yay!!!! Chaos Brewing killed Sarth 10 last night. OK seven out of the 9 members who are level 80 killed Sarth. We had to bring in 3 friends from former guilds to help out.

Originally I planned on tanking but our newly respeced feral druid is still too undergeared to provide DPS. So we put him on off tank duties (Survival of the Fittest FTW) and he helped our warrior take care of the trash and he grabbed adds on the boss.

That put our Warrior as main tank on Sarth and left me to DPS. We cleared through the Drakes so effectively that a couple people suggested we try One Drake Up. I made the call to take them all down anyway. It was the right call. We wiped on Sarth once and at the kill on the second attempt had our Main Tank, an Elemental Shammy, and a Hunter standing at the end. It wasn't pretty but it was a kill.

I'm confident that with our full crew of nine and our combined friends list we can start making some progress. Lootwise our Mage got the sweet caster neck which is a huge upgrade for him and our new Bear scored the T7 glove token which will really help him convert from Boomkin to Bear.


  1. Grats on the kill, progression kills are always the sweetest.

  2. Thans Kal,

    Gotta say I enjoyed this one more than pugging Thaddius.

    Assuming we can all get our schedules linked up there will be more.