Monday, January 19, 2009

Main Stream, sort of

I think a lot of WoW bloggers write because they enjoy it. It's another avenue to enjoy our successes and failures in the game. It's also addictive. It is enjoyable to receive feedback on what you have written. Its great to see visits climb and fall with the quality of your posting. It's also cool to see others link back to your work.

I was doing a little research on a topic I've written about a few times. Google turned up one of my posts. Problem was, it wasn't on my site. It was on a gold sellers site. Copied word for word, graphics and all. And I wasn't listed as the author. My site wasn't even linked.

Call me an old fogey but that just pisses me off. It's not even plagiarism, it's downright theft since they are using it to try to make money off of my efforts. Then again its a gold seller, they are notorious for using other peoples efforts to make money.

I won't link or even name the site since the last thing I want to do is drive additional traffic to them. I did leave a comment suggesting readers may want to visit my blog if they enjoyed what I had to say.

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  1. Welcome to the world of splogs and content scrapers, the same thing has happened to most of us at some point in time.

    What I'd recommend is to first of all start using and displaying an explicit copyright - a creative commons license for instance, or whatever suits your particular needs. That could at least give you some means for action.

    Next, make sure your blog is properly known and indexed by search engines, register it at google and yahoo for starters, and work from there. Ranking highest for your own content is still the best way to combat splogs, and that part requires a bit of work.

    It's a plague but it may also be an opportunity to work a bit on your own visibility.