Sunday, January 4, 2009

Money Shot

That's right Patch 25 is dead and hasn't even hit the floor yet and yours truly was one of the tanks.
Vindicar and I took all the hateful strikes. He is a frost tank and much better geared than I. His avoidence was approaching 70% compared to my 55%. But I had Bone Shield. That was good for another 5,000 mitigation every time I got hit. Even better, at 55% avoidance I was able to keep BS up the entire fight which made a huge difference.

Yesterday, I mentioned I took a little flak on my spec over at the official forums since the guy couldn't tell if I was shooting for DPS or tanking. As y'all know I beleive my spec can do both. Between all the heroics, Archavon 10, and now soaking hateful strikes from Patch 25 I beleive I have demonstrated that I can tank with this spec. How about DPS. Check out my performance on Farelina on the right.

Just shy of 2900 dps without AOE'ing the adds. Which is not to say we didn't go ahead and kill the adds for fun and profit. Scored an acheivement in there for not stopping any of her enrages.

So there you have it. Tanking and Spanking all in one night. No loot for me but that's OK. Chaos Brewing is going to finally field it's first 10 man Naxx later this week. Only four of us have raided in wrath so far but the 10 of us learned Kara together so I beleive we should be able to score some kills.

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