Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Naxx 10 Tonight

Chaos Brewing is finally at the point where we are going to attempt our first 10 man raid. The goal is the Arachnid quarter though we will start off with Archavon if Horde holds WG.

I expect it to be a rough night. It’s not that I don’t trust my guildies. In fact I trust them a ton, which I why I choose to run with 10 other people compared to being in a big raiding guild. I don’t have high expectations since real life issues prevented a couple DPS and one of our Healers from being able to level quickly and more importantly gear up.

Here is the breakdown that I expect to see tonight.

MT – Prot Warrior. So far he has MT’d Arch 10 and OT’d Arch 25 in addition to tons of heroics. He was also the MT and co raid-leader in all our T4 exploits in BC. There is no doubt he is up to the challenge.

OT – Prot Warrior. This is a new member of the guild and is untested to date in a raid environment. He has the health, crit immunity, and armor required for the job.

Heal Lead – Holy Pally. Our Pally can and has rocked the healing meters in several 25’s we have been invited too. Be Imba suggests she could perform well on Malygos Heroic. Not only is she geared, she is skilled.

Healer – Holy Priest. She was one of our most reliable and capable healers all through BC. Going into tonight she is under geared due to RL constraints on her raiding ability. The skill is there as is the desire to see the boss fall.

Melee DPS – Unholy DK(me). I’d prefer a tanking spot tonight but as the raid leader I have to do what’s best for the raid. My DPS can easily triple what the prot warriors can put out so it just makes more sense for me to DPS and let them tank. I will take my tank gear with me just in case.

Melee DPS – Enhance Shammy. Well geared for 10 mans and is a wind fury god.

Ranged DPS – Elemental Shammy. Can toss chain lightning with the best of them. Between two Shamans and my Horn of Winter we will have tons of great buffs up all the time.

Ranged DPS – Arcane Mage. Like our holy priest, he had some RL issues that forced him to level slow and not have as many heroic opportunities yet. He’s geared enough to perform in heroics now so that will help.

Ranged DPS – Boomchicken. Also had some issues that cut into run time but is just hitting the gear requirements for Naxx 10.

Missing 10th. Hopefully our combat rogue can make it. He is capable of producing 2,000+ dps.

While I’m concerned about our healer and a couple DPS we do have a lot going for us.

First, with the exception of the new OT, the other 9 of us have been together since we were all learning Kara. We went on and drove our guild through Gruul’s, changed guilds and cleared Mags, and a number of SSC/TK bosses together. Needless to say, we are comfortable with each other and trust each other.

Second, several of us have already seen tonight’s fights in the 25’s. That includes me as the raid leader, the primary healer, and some of the DPS. Our MT has already done Arch 10 and used to lead Naxx raids back in classic.

Third, since it’s just us friends we aren’t under undo pressure to perform and show off. We raid because we enjoy it, including the wipes. We aren’t out to score server firsts. When you are truly doing it just for the fun of it you will be successful. Now when I say we are just out to have fun does not mean we won’t bring a bevy of food and flask buffs. We are serious about our raiding we just don’t stress each other out about it.

Fourth, we can always trade some dps for more heals by getting the boomkin and elemental shammy to toss some extra heals as needed.

Last, I have a plan. Back when we were learning Kara our group had a nickname. “Sacrificial Mage” Because every AOE pull going into Moroes our Mage grabbed some aggro and died. I am going to find a way to get our mage killed on the first trash pull without wiping the raid. I’d be really happy to get our rogue to come so he could use stealth tricks of the trade. Either way, I will find a way, the loot gods will be appeased and we will score a kill or two.

It’s going to be a fun night.

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