Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Years Goal

I have an ambitious goal for the new year. Get all my toons to 80 while still raiding on my Death Knight.

Why? One, I enjoy leveling and it fits my play schedule nicely. I usually have an hour every afternoon which is just enough time for a few quests or some farming. Questing is more rewarding to me and I like seeing the dings.

Two, a few of these toons I feel an attachment too. Huntomen was my first toon I rolled. I abandoned him on Nazjatar at level 36 and rerolled Omenator and leveled him to 70 there before I changed servers and founded a guild with a couple friends. Omenator was also the first toon I raided with before I knew how to be serious about raiding. I rolled Bearcat because I wanted to tank. I'm sure most of you know, you just feel more involved when you are taking the bosses best shots staring at his knees.

The remainders I dual boxxed using refer a friend to take them all to 60 in the run up to wrath so I could have a better understanding of what each class is capable of. I surprised myself by liking the warrior, mage, and shaman the most.

So now I have 9 toons between 60 and 71 in addition to my main and I want them all 80 with epic flight. That's a tall order especially since I currently have less than 1,000g.

So I'll ask myself why again. I enjoy the challenge and more importantly I believe a good tank and raid leader has a thorough understanding of what each class can bring to a raid. That way you are better positioned to get the most out of the group at hand to kill the boss.

So now the only question is which do I start with?


  1. his is madness! Doing this is such a crazy idea that I'll be taking front row seats in your blog and avidly reading about all the trails and battles you go through.

    And I'm so jealous that you could get it done. I've considered getting many toons to top level, but only had 5 level 70s, and two of those were very close to the Wrath release. I'll do the opposite and try to concentrate on just one character and see what that does.

    Good luck! *grabs popcorn, soda, and no-doze.....*

  2. It is madness and I'm not sure I'm up for it. My plan is to level healers first by cycling rest bonuses and taking advantage of all the DKs that are leveling and want runs in outlands.