Thursday, January 15, 2009

Non-Optimal Itemization

Like my new DPS gloves?

I really am impressed with the +36 Int on them, so valuable to a Death Knight. Perhaps, it will boost the intelligence of my Ghoul and allow him to jump off ledges.

Then again, probably not.

So these dropped off Faerlina last night. We don't have any hunters in the guild and the enhance shaman already had better. For DPS, I had an old pair of blues that were itemized towards defense. So even though these don't have any strength they did have a red socket, loads of AP, and lots of hit and crit goodness.

Now they are gemmed up, chanted, and ready for ridicule.

I'll do a write up on the modified DW spec I have a bit later, but for the night my overall DPS was up by about 600 using it. I can't wait till dual specs are implemented so I can have a dedicated DPS spec and a dedicated Tank spec. I may just bite the bullet and respec daily as needed.

Our run last night didn't live up to expectations. We are still having healing issues iwith Max. The allied Shaman that healed for us last week came, but insisted on being DPS, which forced one of our shaman to respec resto. Net total we lost 300 dps and 600 hps in the trade. To make it worse the non guildy bitched about healing on Maxenna as the reason for our wipes. We called the raid early.

We did get one of our missing two guildies back in action and have a mage again. Now as soon as his wife is back on her feet we will have a holy priest. Though these two have been out so much they need lots of gear, but I know we are willing to help them with that.

While frustrating, I know these issues are minor gamewise and easily solved. The alternative is go back to a big guild and fight for spots, deal with loot drama, cliques, and politics.

No thanks. I like my friends.

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  1. "I can't wait till dual specs are implemented so I can have a dedicated DPS spec and a dedicated Tank spec"

    I couldn't agree more! First a druid and now a death knight, and I can't get away from multiple gear sets! Must...get.. bigger bags!