Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Off Topic: Chaos Brewing is Hiring

Due to RL issues amongst some of our friends we need a couple more players to be able to consistently field a 10 man group.

Here's the background. As a guild we have been running together for over a year now, though we previously existed in a couple different larger guilds in BC where we casually ran some 25 man content including most of SSC and parts of TK.

As a group, we are mature. We have one couple in their early 20's, but most of us are in our 30's, married, and with kids. Given that, we don't raid often. Specifically 2 nights a week, but we do take our raiding seriously and we plan on clearing all the content in the 10man versions.

For those of us who can play more frequently we encourage filling slots in other guilds heroic raids whenever you can. We will never say you can't go, we just ask that you roll with us when we are going.

Our raids typically start at 8:30 CST.

We are over balanced with melee, 2 prot warriors, 1 DK, 1 rouge, and an Enh Shammy. What we really need is a healer or two and another ranged DPS. That does not mean we won't take another melee character.

At this stage we aren't too concerned about gear since we can run plenty of heroics to catch you up. What we do care about is someone who genuinely wants to progress in 10 man content and can commit to 2 nights a week and not feel held back by our slower schedule.

Most importantly, we want players who we will still consider friends a year from now.

How to apply: Simple respond to this thread. Or roll a level 1 alt on Sen'jin horde and try to catch me online between 3:30 and 5 CST weekday afternoons. You can also /who Chaos to talk to any one of us.

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