Friday, January 2, 2009

Please don't be a Deathtard

/rant on

After my Sarth kill last night I had a bit of free time left and most of my guild was already tied up. So I logged onto my 62 Shaman for some elemental healing fun. Getting groups in Hellfire when you can heal is ridiculously easy. Getting groups that aren't full of Deathtards a little harder.

Ramparts here we come.

Now I make a huge assumption about my readers. Since my little blog is nowhere near as well known as Skeleton Jack, World of Matticus, Big Bear Butt, or Big Red Kitty I assume if you are here, you care about how well you play. I care too, and even though I have an elemental spec I know that a Shammy should have no problem healing a proper group.

To your right you see the damage taken meter. We booted Icey before the first boss since he would run way ahead and start an AOE pull 50 yards from me the second I sat down to drink, every time.

Here's a little tip to everyone still leveling and learning to play a tank. DON'T PULL UNTIL THE HEALER IS READY.

After Icey was gone we picked up Golgren. He was level 59 and consistently pulled threat from Dysfunction who was supposed to be tanking. When I saw Golgren pop Frost Presence I suggested in a whisper that he try blood presence because he kept getting threat which meant I either had to let him die or take heals away from the tank. His reply, "I know what I'm doing". The asshat in me wanted to respond no you dont.

Here's a tip. IF YOU ARE DPS, DO NOT EVER, EVER, USE FROST PRESENCE. Frost presence increases your health, your armor, and your threat, and it provides a lot less damage than blood presence. Please use blood presence for lower threat and greater damage when you are providing DPS. Believe it or not, Sliceofdeath went offline before the second boss and was never tanking but still a very high second on the damage taken list. Just because a healer has an AOE heal does not mean you are not responsible for ensuring you take minimal damage.

As the healer I took over 46 thousand in damage, I only have 4000 HP. That means I died a lot. That means the group wiped a lot. I'll own up to one death where I stupidly stood in AOE and promptly died. I violated Raid Rule 1B. The others were all on AOE pulls. Somehow the casters never had aggro cemented on the tank.

AOE Tanking tip. USE DEATH AND DECAY. Not only that, make sure you pull casters into it via death grip or line of sight. After DnD is up, get your diseases running and hit pestilence. You'd think 4 death knights running around like they snuck outta the house with daddy's Porsche would manage to crash into every mob and prevent the healer from getting aggro but nope. Didn't happen.

DPS tip. USE YOUR RUNIC POWER. Ok at the low 60's these guys didn't have Horn of Winter, and only one had Unholy Blight. But you do have death coil. Stop standing around with your head up your ass waiting on your runes to recharge with 100 RP. Cast a freaking Death Coil, it will increase your DPS and kill stuff faster.

Finally, use common sense. We fought the first boss while still fighting the mobs that need to be cleared around him. Why, everyone charged in instead of pulling them back. Needless to say the boss patted up to our position and joined the fight while I was already at 60% mana. Any guesses how that turned out?

Call me a masochist, but I got 30% of a level on rested XP out of this fiasco. I think I'll respec resto and do it again. I just hope the next group listens to me when I suggest they let one person tank, and what rotations will actually generate AOE aggro.


  1. Deathtard. I think you may have just coined a new term.

  2. I've seen it floated a few times on the forums. Then again, my goal is to ensure it never enters common parlance :)

  3. Good article. I don't play a DK much (it feels like a Shaman wearing plate) but what you are saying I certainly have noticed from the "other side."

    "Deathtard"... brilliant term and one that deserves to gain wider recognition

  4. I had to link to this post, as my own recent experience brought similar thoughts to my mind. My warrior was invited to a group as a tank, but I found myself taking care of the strays going for our Shammy healer, who was enhancement... My act was rewarded by generous heals while the worst deathtards died.

    Let them die if they cannot play.

    Deathtards. I like the sound of it. Now we have a trio: huntards, retardins and deathards.



  5. I'm shaman elemental and was asked to heal a group with 1 warrior and 3 DK's. Lucky for the warrior I was able to heal him through the fights, but the DK's are so used to fast horses that they try to run through the instance as well. Warriors and DK's don't need rest for mana. Only their health needs to be up. Needless to say that when I tried to keep my mana up, sometimes they were way ahead of me, leaving the "healer" by her own with a manasnack.

  6. Dude I gotta give you credit,Awesome rant!! I have a DK (I know EVERYONE it seems has a DK) which has become my main since WOTLK hit the shelves. It has been a learning Experience, especially since my previous two mains were a hunter and a mage. There is alot of stuff you have to do to make DK be the best it can be. But the number one thing is research/Experiment. If your gonna play the class get your info first and Donot be a Deathtard, I had to live with all the other huntards pre BC and got quite a rep on my server as being able to actualley be able to kite/pull/trap stuff and would prefer not to have to go through the crap i went through back then again. So for the sake of everyone's Sanity. Learn the class!

  7. *cringe* dear god that's almost word for word of my first experience with coming out of resto healing retirement and my first "welcome back" experience to healing was a DK tank that I warned I was a rusty healer that hasn't played the shaman in 6 months so take it easy...
    He then proceeds to spam /duel on me...
    I battle him for almost 5 minutes only getting him to near 25% to which he starts calling me a liar and such that I haven't not played in 6 months was a lie, all cause he thinks frost shock, grounding totem and earthbind are "skill required".
    We entered the instance, after almost 20 minutes trying to get the second DK from staying out of that "hole trap" he claimed he couldn't get out of and yet wouldn't accept any summons till he cried we started without him.

    First pull: I was at 17% mana after healing and dueling, I go to drink and dk goes in and deathgrips center mob as he runs IN while pat is just coming down the middle. It was a wipe. After awhile since dk seems to suck I take over marks.
    Needless to say I had to let rogue be the main tank as rogue kept better aoe threat then the tank, fury war got ranged and dk just dpsed leaving me for dead as he goes into his own little world and wonder why everyones dieing.

    After rogue became the new tank we managed to work our way to first boss and down him, after which we called it as rogue, warrior and I agreed the skeletons were too much and DK was a complete retard.

    I'd get more in detail as to the full story that lead to rogue being tank but frankly I don't have the time or space to right a full blown biography on the fails of "WOTLK DK Spree: and the fools who healed them"

    Honestly as a healer I was very looking forward to my first DK tank healing experience, in turn though I found that resto shamans make awesome tanks for ranged mobs.. *walks away*

    -Ikitami "Resto Tank!"

  8. I was holy pally in DK. Our main tank was lvl 78 Unholy Death Knight. After almost complete wipe on second boss, because he agro the boss with 4 mobs, I survived because of the bubble and healed till OOM second DK who was lvl 73. We killed boss after I resurrected other party members (including my wife - she is lock). I write in party that I want to drink and sit down in this second our "main" tank just pulled two groups and died almost instantly and started to blame me. Just don't be a Deathtart

  9. I have a 74 DK and had trouble getting groups because of the Deathtards giving decent DKs a bad name. It's better now that I'm further along though. When I was starting out and had a group for Ramps this one kid immediately left before we started cause we wouldn't let him "call" Noobreaver (Hellreaver). Then I ended up in another Ramps group with him later and we cleared the dragon boss first and surprise surprise he left when Noobreaver didn't drop.

  10. I'm not an authority on instancing, but I'm almost positive you cannot do the last boss in Ramparts first.

    A shout out to fellow deathknights out there! Word of advice: quest quest quest! the foul stench of bad names clears some when you reach 80. That doesn't mean you won't run into them at 80, just that groups are less willing to try them out. Go on and prove yourselves!

  11. Deathtards, Huntards, Palatards
    don't heal any of them